What sets us apart?

How does a New Zealand company founded in 1988 continuously stay at the top of its game for more than 25 years, producing smart new agrichemical and timber treatment products for nearly 30 years?

The answer can be found in our chemistry.


Scientific chemistry

Our innovative products and technologies are smart, hard-working, cost-effective, sustainable and more flexible. We are always seeking out and open to new ideas and opportunities to improve our chemistry.

We pride ourselves on pushing into territories others don’t see. All our products incorporate world-leading chemistry that’s been rigorously tested right here in New Zealand to get results, safely. Arxada NZ’s manufacturing facilities are world class.


People chemistry

We are a tight-knit, high-performing team. Our nimbleness distinguishes us from the ‘big boys’, so we’re always flexible and able to accommodate special requests. Our agility and responsiveness keep our customers coming back, season after season, because we always deliver for them.

Arxada Warehouse

Commercial chemistry

Business is about people and relationships. We take the time to get to know our customers who can become lifelong friends whose company we enjoy. We believe business and pleasure can mix when there’s mutual respect for each other’s area of expertise.

Arxada NZ

A perfect fit

It’s these three things that set us apart, and that global leader Arxada recognised as being a perfect fit with their organisation. With their global resources and more than a century of chemical know-how to draw on, we’ll continue to be at the top of our game for decades to come.